Coaching Packages

freedomFreedom Sessions

Is there something in your life that you would like to change? Something that holds you back. For some this might be a traumatic experience in your past that continues to haunt your life today. For another person it might be to overcome a fear/phobia. And for someone else it might be they are looking for the confidence and resources to go into an interview and land their dream job or play their best in a championship game. If you are looking to overcome something specific, then the freedom sessions are just what you need.   

1-to-1 Coaching

one to oneWhat if…

So much of what you have been told about “self-help” is false.  What if the solution to your problems is right in front of you-the last place most of us look to?

What if you could stop worrying about the future and everything outside of yourself and start to really enjoy your life and have fun living it?

What if you used the tools, you already have within you to start manifesting:

  • To be confident and lead a life with intuition.

  • To solidify your business or career and move towards it.

  • To care less about pleasing people and more about feeling good.     

  • To build long-term relationships both personal and business.

  • To wake up and feel ready to start the best day of your life.

By tapping into your true potential, you become part of the 1% of society that is making life work for you. If this interests you, and it should, email Shannon for more information on package pricing at or call Unified Wellness at 705-574- HEAL (4325).

Superior M-training

superior mWhat if…

Your vision and mindset captured your entire team’s imagination?  What if the people that work for you felt motivated and excited to be at work every day?

How would it feel for you to lead and inspire your team with confidence?

I work with leaders in a broad range of industries including education, social services, sports, and sales.  The goal is for you and your team to:

  • Be “in the zone”- more aware and intentional in the work you do.

  • Feel more optimistic and energized allowing you to drop the baggage of the day at the door.

  • Higher levels of productivity, presence, and focus.

  • Strong relationships- leading to better outcomes.

  • Greater momentum with an enhanced clarity.

  • Increased enthusiasm and confidence and calmness

This training includes methodologies in the brain-body science so you can up-level your business and personal lives.

Click the box below for more information on various custom packages and rates.  

Group Workshops

groupWhat if…

You could work with people alike to move forward and create solutions to problems?

Become clearer with your vision in life and start making it happen?

As a team learn the solutions and see the answers are right in front of you?

Group training allows you to work with others to:

  • Be more confident in how you feel and where you are headed.

  • Learn to be calm and live life in the moment.

  • Work on manifesting your vision in life and together we will start the process.

  • You will feel more energized and ready to start your days by using simple but scientifically based exercises.

  • Learn how to attract positive people into your life to keep the energy flowing.

Limited spots available for group sessions. I like to keep groups smaller and more intimate allowing for a better flow of question/answer sessions and individual spotlight throughout the time we are together. Click the link below for more information on availability and pricing of the group packages. 

Don’t Be Shy...

If you don’t see something that you are looking for, please reach out to me.  Provide me full details of what it is you would like to see, and I will let you know if I am able to help you in any way.