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  • Let go of perfectionism, people pleasing/approval or hiding out and avoiding things in life

  • Gain the confidence to achieve your goals

  • Get over fears

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Will You Decide You Are Worthy

Of Living Your Dream Life?


"I help people become the best version of themselves so that they can fully enjoy everything life has to offer."



Business & Sports Performance

Stress/Anxiety Relief





Manifestation Coaching




Person Centred Coaching

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Clinical Hypnosis

Mindfulness Based Coaching

Parts Therapy

Forward Focused Coaching

Sports Psychology



1:1 Coaching- In person & Online

Group Training

Corporate Training

Keynote Events

Membership Programs

Kids Camps/Programs


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Superior Manifestations is now under the umbrella company of Unified Wellness. Unified Wellness is owned and operated by Shannon and her husband Michael. Shannon had a dream to open a wellness centre and this year they did it! Services within Unified Wellness at this time are: 

Mindset Coaching

Chiropractic/ Acupuncture

Concussion Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

Registered Massage Therapy

Wellness & Nutrition Coaching

Personal Training

Diabetic Foot Care

Cerumen Management

Revolutionary Group Classes & Programs

and so much more to come...

You Are Worthy Of Living Your Dream Life!

Michelle committed to change

"I can speak confidently in meetings

and it feels amazing."

"I am still in disbelief. I used to feel sick for days before having to present in board meetings. Shannon taught me that this was not my true self. This was a fear installed from an unpleasant experience back in childhood. We did hypnosis, which was such a cool experience and somehow the fear is gone. Today, I do the practice piece and use the tools Shannon provided me and can present and feel confident while doing so. I highly recommend Shannon if you have anxiety that prevents you from doing things in life."

~Michelle T.


Kelly changed her mindset

"I've never felt so guided,

inspired, clear and at peace."

" Learning that I was the one holding me back from moving forward. To be gentle and kind towards myself and to forgive. To forgive myself and others. To think about what I wanted in life and have the guidance to get clear on it. I have never felt so confident and in charge of my life and this is from learning from Shannon and her teachings on the manifesting process."

~Kelly S.


Terry changed how his brain processed information from a past trauma

"I can't believe how powerful the mind is."

I suffered PTSD from a trauma that occurred more then 15 years ago. After 3 sessions with Shannon all the symptoms had disappeared. Flashbacks, nightmares and the overall jittery feelings I felt daily GONE! I feel amazing.

~Terry M.


Dylan got out of his head

"I feel great and have the freedom

to live again."

Anxiety, what anxiety? At first, I wasn't sure if my sessions worked. I felt different but not life changing different. I used the techniques that Shannon taught me and about 6 months after meeting with her I realized I was doing things that I would have been too anxious to do before. I also noticed I wasn't having to use the methods as often. The services Shannon offers are really life changing. Give them some time and you will see a difference. 

~Dylan S.


Trisha released beliefs that didn't serve her and embodied ones that did

"Shannon gave me tools to overide

old programming and believe in myself."

I have so much clarity in what I want in my life. I went to see Shannon depressed and had no clue what I wanted. Her coaching changed my life. She helped me see the life that would bring me the most joy and we worked together planning the steps to achieve it. I did everything she suggested and today I am a successful restaurant owner and attracted the best staff. This didn't happen overnight, but it happened, and I learned how to enjoy the journey instead of getting in my head. I am now working towards other goals on a personal level and have the confidence and the mindset to achieve them. The biggest thing I got out of my coaching was that I am worthy of the life I choose, and I now believe in myself.

~Trisha Z.









5 Day Challenge

If you need proof of what changing your mindset can do for you then you need to click on this link.  I understand for some people spending money and committing time and effort might be a rather stressful endeavor, so I created a challenge to prove to you that the methods I use in my coaching work.  This 5-day program only touches the surface of what your mind is capable of.  I promise you, if you do the work each day of this challenge you will feel change.  Once you feel the change, I want you to sign up to one of my programs and we will get you moving towards everything you want to feel and do in your life.  Take the Challenge, your life depends on it.   $29.99



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