Hypnosis is to induce a calm, focused state in oneself or another person. When in hypnosis you can still hear, see and respond to things that are said to you. Hypnosis is a shift in awareness in the direction of sleep without being asleep. The key factors are absorption of awareness, relaxation of the body, and a dissociation from your surroundings.

The frequency of brain waves in hypnosis differs from your waking state. When first entering hypnosis, you are typically in the alpha brain wave state. This is when you are in a light trance. The other more common state would be theta which is when you are in a daydream or deeper hypnotic state. Both states occur naturally as you transition to sleep at night.

What if I can't be hypnotized?

Everyone is hypnotisable. As a matter of fact, you are in hypnosis for about 43% of your waking day and you do not even realize it.  Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that occurs when your subconscious mind becomes the driver of the car.  Example (you drive from point A to point B and you forget the entire drive.)

Emotional Detox

Just like your body your mind can become overloaded with negativity. When this happens you might find your self feeling irritable, unmotivated, little to no interest in things that you used to enjoy doing, withdrawing from your loved ones or difficulty sleeping. An emotional detox releases the negative feelings (F), images (I), thoughts(T), emotions(E) and sensations(S) that get stored in the mind and body over time. Shannon would bring you through a hypnotherapy treatment to release all the FITES in a gentle way to move you forward and feeling lighter. 


NLP is an approach to personal development and communication. It uses the connection between neurological processes (neuro), language (linguistics) and acquired behavioural patterns (programming) to facilitate change and achieve specific goals in life. 



Would you like to be confident while in front of a crowd or in a business meeting, overcome a trauma, stop ruining your relationships or have the skill to meet sales goals?…Have you made several attempts to overcome these challenges only to find yourself  right where you started?  You are not the only one. 

Most of the patterns that we have hard times changing in life are originated by the part of our mind that the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud called the unconscious/subconscious mind.  It is this part of your mind that is responsible for 95% of your life.

Freud explained the mind, by using the Iceberg metaphor. The tip of the iceberg is considered the conscious mind, right below it, the small portion is the pre-conscious mind, and the vast majority of the iceberg is the subconscious mind. Today, the subconscious mind is considered to be about 99% of the total mind power! 

We learn through associations. In our beginning years of life, we learnt most things from our parents, school, and friends. In other words, most of the subconscious programming, which is still affecting the life we live EVERY DAY, is developed by others! 

Our programming in the subconscious mind is very powerful but also very subtle. We think that we are making our decisions consciously however, the unconscious mind makes most of our decisions about 4-10 seconds before that. This includes things like what we choose to eat for lunch, your partner, the house you live in, the route you took to work today… all those choices are made by your subconscious mind! 

So how can you change a subconscious program that was installed years ago?



Most people live subconsciously every day, with the programming gathered from their parents, friends or close family growing up. It is no coincidence that you are just like your mother or father or the combination of both. 

There are several ways of changing the old programing in the subconscious mind. One of them is through the more popular conscious therapy.  Conscious therapy can take a long time because the subconscious mind is very resistant to change. Another way is persistency. For example, everyday meditations, journaling, everyday self-hypnosis, everyday self-affirmations…

These are all ways of changing the subconscious programing and they require commitment and everyday consistency for the results. 

The most effective and faster way, is through hypnosis and the use of NLP. Shannon also incorporates The Emotional Freedom Technique within her treatments. 

Hypnosis allows the conscious mind to be open and dives right into the subconscious mind. Each suggestion that is given by a practitioner reaches the subconscious mind directly. Even though repetition and commitment are keys to success in these type of methods, achieving desired results takes a shorter time and results are usually longer lasting. Practitioners design a program for you and installs the new wanted behaviours by using suggestions, metaphors, imagery journeys and repetition. 

During your session, your motivation and desire to change is just as important as the therapy itself. Remember, no one can change you if you DO NOT want the change yourself.